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Shared_devotion is my own community created specifically for my icon creations. It's a way for me to keep my journal clean while still having a place to post my icons. I post a variety of icons here, whether they're of celebrities or games or just random things in general. I hope you enjoy the community, and the icons as well! ;)

Comments on journal entries are not required, but are a great way for me to know what you think about my icons. Any misuse of the comment box (i.e, starting fights, trash talking, etc.) will result in your comment being deleted. Got an issue? Go see your psychiatrist. Shared_devotion is a friendly and free-speaking community. At least to some limits.

As any icon maker expects, crediting is a MUST. If you have a hard time remembering who made the icon, try saving the user's account name as the title. It'll help you remember and avoid any future conflict regarding crediting! Unsure of how to credit? Here's an example:

profile code